Grants disbursed by Trellis Foundation (the full list!)

Trellis Foundation is thrilled to be a catalyst for biblical, intentional, and innovative discipleship in the following churches and ministries:

Fall 2017

Abundant Life Covenant Church, Brampton, ON
AGAPE Project

$2750 was granted to Abundant Life Covenant Church, for their AGAPE Project, training core leaders in disciple-making and a series of outreach events to engage their neighbours in Ward 7 Brampton. They seek to meet the great needs in their neighbourhood holistically, equipping the core members of their church plant to build significant relationships with their diverse neighbours.

This project aims to instil and develop Christ-like love in the hearts of the members at Abundant Life Covenant Church as we aim to continuously and fervently reach out to the people in the community around us. The core members of the church plant will be equipped, trained and spend time in prayer asking God to give divine appointments to reach the least and the lost and walk alongside them lovingly and patiently – to see them experience the amazing Love of Christ and see their lives transformed.
~ Philips Nethagani, grant applicant


Avenue Community Church, Toronto, ON
Paired Retreats for Men and Women

Up to $3500 was granted to Avenue Community Church, Toronto, for a pair of men’s and women’s retreats focusing on identity as God’s beloved children, with grant amount dependent on number of participants. They are seeking to make space for slowing down in order to be more fully present to Jesus and to one another, paying attention to current needs of lay leaders to support long term fruitfulness in discipleship.

We believe that these retreats will create space for our people to hear God’s voice in a fresh way, especially in this season of their lives, that they are “known and loved” by God. And the more they become aware of this truth and embrace this truth and wrap themselves around this truth it will form them as the people of God to “know and love” self and others. This fosters both the great commission and great commandment for it is the kindness of God that leads us to repentance and to call others to repentance.
~ Samuel Williams, grant applicant


Faith Covenant Church, Winnipeg, MB
Worship Songs CD Recording Project

$1700 was granted to Faith Covenant, Winnipeg, for a CD recording project documenting new songs in their community’s corporate worship life so that the richness of Sunday morning worship can be extended through out the week and shared with neighbours and the wider Canadian Covenant. They seek to strengthen the church’s shared worship vocabulary, recognizing how significant the spiritual pathway of worship and music is for many people, following the legacy of CBC with arts, music & worship.

Music itself has a way of cutting through our denseness and reaching a place where deep calls to Deep. Music helps our souls to meditate. Add lyrics that speak of God’s worth, invoke God’s help, or admit our humble place in the relationship, and the words of our mouths and the meditations of our hearts bring forth a pleasing offering to the Lord… When we sing a worship song, ideally we are involving our entire body. We have the chance in singing a worship song to love God with our heart, our soul, our mind, and our strength. Then we are thrust forth into the world to love the other as we love ourselves.
~ Cody Anderson, grant applicant


Holy Community Covenant Church, Winnipeg, MB
Covenant Orientation Process for Lay Leaders

$3600 was granted to Holy Community Covenant, The Gathering (Steinbach), and Faith Covenant, for a new Covenant Orientation process to deepen lay leaders through engaging with the Covenant’s theology and its local history in southern Manitoba. They are cultivating self-reflection deeper than a merely informational level, with collaboration between three churches to connect contextual history, place, scripture and vocation in their leaders’ lives.

We have initiated a four-session program designed to inspire local church leaders and members, to give them moorings in Covenant identity, and to help them think critically, evaluatively, and concretely about how they might serve, grow, and lead in their local contexts, as well as a part of a family of churches seeking to see the work of God’s Kingdom advanced. The program expands upon the process of Covenant Orientation which prepares and informs pastors. The sessions include: a guided bus tour focused on the history of the Covenant Church, specifically in Winnipeg and area; an interactive teaching time on Covenant theological affirmations; a guided conversation on the mission and ministry priorities of the Covenant Church; and a reflective retreat focused on the growth of the servant leader.
~ Gavin Jensen, grant applicant


Nelson Covenant Church, Nelson, BC
Freedom Session

$1100 was granted to Nelson Covenant Church, for beginning Freedom Session, a guided process walking with adults through recovery from addictions and compulsions into greater healing and wholeness in Christ. They are investing for long term impact, seeking to grow spiritual health and wholeness that will lead to further disciple-making and deepening, with the 12 steps intentionally grounded in Jesus and his gospel.

Freedom session is focused on equipping our people to take the next steps in their faith journey with Jesus, no matter where they are in their faith… Many people have deep seated pain. They do not realize that their pain is driving them to indulge in compulsive behaviour. These are Christian people that are searching for answers but not knowing where to find them or how to connect the Bible’s teachings or their personal relationship to Jesus with their pain. Freedom session will help people discover how God has made them. They will develop spiritual disciplines and practices that will shape new lifestyles and postures in their life of faith, helping them grow spiritually, emotionally, and mentally.
~ Janice Van Caeseele, grant applicant


Erickson Covenant Church, Erickson, BC
The Timothy Project

$6500 was granted to Erickson Covenant Church, for their new disciple-equipping cohort process called “The Timothy Project” (final part of a multi-year grant). They are in the midst of an intensive cohort program with 20 participants to grow as disciples who are disciple-makers, and be equipped for greater leadership in their church and community.

The commitment to discipleship in real time, while ministry is happening, is what inspired the practice component of The Timothy Project. Team members will be engaged in helping others develop and grow, even as they’re engaged in learning themselves. We will work to instil values like always being on the lookout for someone who might be gifted for ministry, and always taking someone along with you so that you’re ministering and teaching at the same time.
~ Dana Sproule, grant applicant


Spring 2017

Covenant Bay Bible Camp, Pigeon Lake, AB
ECCC Youth Ministry Conference

Up to $6,000 was granted to help Covenant Bay Bible Camp and the ECCC Youth Ministry Network launch an annual equipping conference for paid and volunteer youth workers in the Canadian Covenant. They seek to develop youth ministry leaders and equip them for longevity in discipling young people across Canada. $4,000 was granted immediately, with the remainder dependent on number of registrants.

It is our desire to bring youth workers together for encouragement, networking and professional development… One of the cornerstones to healthy and vibrant churches is healthy and vibrant ministry leaders. Investing in these people will have a massive impact on the lives of those they minister too… Our theme for the conference is “The Long Haul”. We want ministry leaders to be investing in ministry for many years.
~ Jon Drebert, grant applicant


Covenant Heights Bible Camp, Clear Lake, MB
Branch Leadership Development Program

Up to $2,800 was granted to to Covenant Heights Bible Camp for their revised Branch leadership program (grant amount dependent on registrant numbers). This program develops high school age leaders, equipping them to disciple kids in the camping season and to serve in their churches. The participants engage in study, being mentored within their local church setting, exploring identity in Christ, discipleship in community, and cultivating personal and spiritual gifts over a span of 5 months – before and after the camping season.

This initiative is [inspired by] John 15:4: “Remain in me, as I also remain in you. No branch can bear fruit by itself; it must remain in the vine. Neither can you bear fruit unless you remain in me.” We will deepen our understanding of what it means to “remain in Christ and to bear fruit”, using the metaphor of the vine and continual growth. The “bearing fruit” aspect will engage students to reflect upon what it means to “go and make disciples,” as Jesus commands in the Great Commission. By focusing on remaining in Christ and bearing fruit, these teachings will create a foundation providing confidence for the students to share Godʼs love with their peers and younger campers.
~ Sean Dyck, grant applicant


Emmanuel Covenant Church, Surrey, BC
Worship Internship

$4,600 was granted to Emmanuel Covenant to help create a worship internship that will develop their worship ministry leaders and better equip them as disciplers and musicians. This internship will invest in the spiritual formation of the intern as well as worship team members, with a shared purpose of helping the church to love their neighbourhood through a more vibrant corporate worship life.

By digging in to this Visionary Initiative [one of several from a vitality pathway appreciative inquiry] we hope to reach our changing community in a new way, working close at home to “make disciples of all nations.” …Worship is one of the key ways we have to express love to God. By recognizing our changing community we are seeking to love our neighbors by meeting expressed needs. And by helping identify an intern’s giftedness, call, and strengths we hope to encourage a deeper and healthier love for him/herself.
~ Sharon Rae-Douglas, grant applicant


Erickson Covenant Church, Erickson, BC
The Timothy Project discipleship cohort process

$4,500 was granted to Erickson Covenant to create a year-long process called “The Timothy Project” to equip lay leaders for the work of making disciples. This is the first installment of a two-year grant to initiate an intensive cohort program to make disciples who will be disciple-makers, and release them for leadership in their church and community.

Erickson Covenant has grown from 50 to 250 in just a few short years. We are feeling the growing pains… and need to multiply the number of capable, equipped disciple-makers now… The program will focus on increasing self-awareness, developing a biblical worldview, and practicing the art of mentoring… [This will] allow us to write the next chapter [for our church] where the people are equipped for the work of the ministry and they start multiplying disciples in every corner of our Valley. It’s where we learn how to study, obey and teach the scriptures and where we see people’s lives transformed as they come into relationship with Jesus. It’s where mature believers are able to spiritually re-parent those who suffered abuse and neglect and see them become who they were intended to be. It’s where we begin sending people out in mission way beyond our Church… It sounds simple, but forming a cohort of disciples who are committed to helping others grow in faith is the way Jesus practiced ministry.
~ Dana Sproule, grant applicant


Green Timbers Covenant Church, Surrey, BC
Intercultural Competence Development Conference

$2,654 was granted to Green Timbers Covenant for a weekend conference intended to develop their congregation’s intercultural competence and better equip them to love diverse neighbours in their context. Arising from an appreciative inquiry, Green Timbers is seeking to increase their people’s self-awareness and capacity to listen and love well in the midst of cultural differences. The Intercultural Development Inventory will help frame the weekend, and Dr. Paul De Neui from the Center for World Christian Studies at North Park University will lead them in developing a plan for on-going growth.

In Surrey we “go into the world” every time we open our door because we encounter “all nations” right here in this city… David Livermore writes in his book Cultural Intelligence, “Our goal is not simply to learn more about different cultures, nor is it just to become better at “navigating cultural differences.” We must actually become more multicultural people so that we might better express love cross-culturally.” The world is literally at our doorstep here and we need to learn to love these neighbor as ourselves even though they are often nothing like us… We have been blessed with some incredibly brave, immigrant leaders from different parts of the world that have helped lead us along the difficult path to becoming a multi-cultural church. We are grateful for their continued leadership and are thankful that God continues to see us growing in diversity of people, cultures and mission. Even within our church, we struggle with the tendency to let the traditional ways of the majority culture (former majority culture) dominate our choices and our patterns of ministry. The Intercultural Development Inventory is designed to help us move toward a more intercultural way of being rather than a way that just minimizes or ignores the differences between us.
~ Andy Sebanc, grant applicant


Junction Covenant Church, South Slocan, BC
Equipping Seminar on Anxiety and Depression

$1,100 was granted to Junction Covenant for a weekend of equipping seminars to address issues of anxiety and depression from a Christian perspective as a way of deepening discipleship with Jesus. The church seeks to foster growth in the lives of individuals in their congregation and in the way their church offers a safe, healing space in the wider community for those with mental health challenges.

Last November we had a highly respected counselor who attends our church do an evening session with our youth group on this very topic. It was very well received and revealed to us the need for more discussion and teaching around this area…  In Matthew 9:36 it is said of Jesus that when “he saw the crowds, he had compassion on them.” We too when we see some of our people and people in our community struggling with anxiety and depression we want to see their lives transformed. We want to radiate the Fathers heart of love on each one of them… Even though anxiety and depression are huge issues in our church and community we have never really tried to tackle it nor equip people to walk towards freedom. We are hoping this will be one small step in making a difference in this area.
~ Jesse Lerch, grant applicant


Evangelical Covenant Church of Canada
Pastoral Intern Scholarships & Block Grant

$3,068 was granted to the ECCC for pastoral intern scholarships to have connectional opportunities with the ministerial community. These funds will be used to develop pastoral leaders by better connecting them to the wider Covenant through assisting with travel and/or registration costs to attend conference events.

While all disciples are encouraged to “Look Unto Jesus,” the words of Paul in 1 Corinthians 11:1 “Follow me as I follow Christ…” are lived out each time there is a healthy mentor/mentee relationship. Internships are one of the best ways to develop leaders seeking to discern a vocational call. The vocational life is not lived in isolation. One of the purposes of the Pastor & Spouse Retreat is to gather leaders for the purpose of both rest and refreshment in community. Giving an intern the opportunity to experience the wider Covenant family can be a safe place for discussing ministry with a broader context of leaders than the local ministry is able to provide.
~ Jeff Anderson, grant applicant

From 2017-2020 a $16,000 annual block grant is also being given to the ECCC to be used for a wide range of disciple-deepening projects across the conference, such as the Lenten Reader, Adventures In Leadership, Alive conference, Christ at the Checkpoint Israel/Palestine study tour, and scholarships to attend the Global Leadership Summit.


Faith Covenant Church, Winnipeg, MB
Pastoral Internships

$4,000 was given to Faith Covenant (the final installment of a three-year grant) for continuing their pastoral internship program that provides hands on pastoral/vocational ministry experience for seminary students. These interns also get experience in a couple rural Covenant churches as well as some summer camp involvement.

We invest in [our interns] likely as much as we receive from them in terms of “production”. We still believe the long view [offers] immense benefit for our family of churches. In some ways we see what we are doing as creating a feeder system (or farm team if you like sports imagery) for future Canadian leaders in the ECCC. Our church family has benefited much from the relationships, connections and gifts of these young leaders. One capacity increase for certain is the diversity that gets added to our local leadership, particularly the valued perspective of a woman in pastoral leadership.
~ Erik Anderson, grant applicant


Fall 2016

Minnedosa Evangelical Covenant Church, Minnedosa, MB
Children & Youth Ministry Internship

$3,600 was granted to help Minnedosa Covenant create a part-time ministry internship position to assist with their growing children’s & youth ministries. This intern will receive intentional mentoring to nurture their giftedness, equip them for ministry and grow their walk with Jesus.

We feel extremely blessed as a congregation to be entrusted by God with so many children and youth from our community, many who are not from church-going families. Since we have a full time youth pastor, we also feel we are in a unique position to have a young person who is exploring their giftedness and call come alongside and learn from what we do. Creating a part time position will enable this intern to take on more of a role in the various ministries and get wider experience than a volunteer basis. We believe this would be an incredible ‘win-win’ opportunity for the church and the intern. They would be learning and earning and we would benefit from a stronger and developing ministry team. A mentoring position like this will be new to our congregation and is an exciting addition to what we are doing.
~ Jeff Loewen & Jacquie Gerrard, grant applicants


Balfour Covenant Church, Balfour, BC
Children’s Ministry Training Weekend

$2,500 was given to support a weekend of training workshops to develop children’s ministry leaders and prepare them to disciple kids more effectively. This equipping event will be available to sister Covenant churches, Kootenay Covenant Bible Camp as well as other Christian churches in the area.

Having one of the most important roles in our church, our teachers have functioned for 20 years without any type of professional help or equipping for this role. This children’s ministry workshop will provide this training, along with ideas and tools to intentionally build a support system for our teachers and youth workers. Discipleship development combined with good fundamental training will result in innovative and exciting approaches to presenting the Gospel to all our children in the church, to our community, as well as to our wider Christian community… Cultivating more faithfulness to Jesus in our children is our end goal, but we see opportunities for our teachers to grow in their faith through the process. [This weekend event] will help our overall plan to develop a stronger children’s program with positive growth for years to come.
~ Rick Dickieson, grant applicant


College Park Covenant Church, Saskatoon, SK
Peacemaking In the Neighbourhood: Reconciliation Exercise

$1,900 was granted to College Park Covenant for a guided “Blanket Exercise” event, encouraging understanding and reconciliation between indigenous and non-indigenous Canadians as a tangible expression of following Jesus, along with a reading library and book club on racial reconciliation in our Canadian context. This hands-on initiative addresses a topic that is very much on the public stage right now, but one that can be difficult for churches and is often avoided. A similar event will be held later in the year at Kensington Commons Church in Calgary.

There is a call on our lives as a church community to be reconcilers in our Canadian context (1 Cor 12:13, 2 Cor 5:18). We want to explore what it means for us as God’s people to live into Jesus’ righteousness (right relationship) within the diversity that marks our nation. We believe that the slow steps of heart transformation – that can come through learning to understand people who are different than us – will yield fruit in the building of relationships with immigrants, refugees, First Nations, Metis and other cultures with whom our church comes into contact… This project will allow us to examine ourselves and our ideas, holding them up to the light of the Gospel. We desire to see all people as Jesus saw them. As a church body, we have never entered into intentional conversation about the longest standing reality of Canadian racism nor the relationship between the ‘Settler’ populations and First Nation populations. We believe that putting this conversation ‘on the table’ in a proactive way will mature, enrich, equip and empower our community to live into the mission to which God has called us.
~ Paul Benson, grant applicant


Melfort Evangelical Covenant Church, Melfort, SK
Right Now Media Discipleship Resources

$1,500 was given to Melfort Covenant to provide access to Right Now Media’s online resources for growing members’ understanding of the biblical story and their following of Jesus. These audio-visual resources will be utilized as teaching materials in small groups, children’s ministry and personal study.

We believe this website will be a great resource to assist us in equipping and teaching our congregation “to know Jesus Christ and make Him known,” offering an incredibly abundant source of Christian teaching material for personal or group use. Our prayer is that, by accessing and using Right Now Media in their own homes or on their commutes, our people will dive deeper into studying the Bible through the video studies available by numerous well known Christian teachers, along with learning about theology, apologetics, leadership, discipleship and so many other topics. Through growing in their knowledge of God and His word we hope that our people will share what they are learning with others.
~ Lindsay Unruh, grant applicant


Erickson Covenant Church, Erickson, BC
Financial Management & Stewardship Study Group

$1,900 was granted to Erickson Covenant to help provide resources for a Connect Group focused on growing people’s stewardship and generosity with managing their household finances. Materials from Dave Ramsey’s “Financial Peace” course will be offered, with some adjustments for our Canadian context.

Our church family has grown significantly in number over the past few years, and one issue we face is the need to provide instruction and encouragement regarding the management of money in a way that honours God. Many families and individuals have indicated that they experience financial struggles, in part due to a lack of knowledge and resources surrounding money management. We believe that this initiative will foster the great commission by encouraging people to intentionally manage their finances in a way that honours the teaching of Jesus. Stewardship of family finances will foster the great commandment as well, because in acknowledging that we are responsible for God’s money, and treating it as such, we can show our love for Him. In our generous giving, we can demonstrate our love for our neighbours above ourselves.
~ Jody McBlain, grant applicant


Spring 2016

Lighthouse Community Church, Sarnia, ON
Youth Mission Trip

$6000 was granted to assist the Lighthouse Community senior youth group’s mission trip to Fairbanks, Alaska in partnership with Community Covenant Church (or C3). The youth from both churches had connected at CHIC 2015 and wanted to build those relationships and serve the C3 neighbourhood together as witnesses to the transforming power of God’s love, particularly to kids at risk and teen runaways. In the summer of 2016 the Lighthouse youth traveled to Alaska to be with their brothers and sisters in Christ, facilitated by the Covenant’s Merge Ministries. They hosted a VBS in the mornings and spent afternoons in hands-on service projects, together with C3 and the local Salvation Army. A grant from Trellis Foundation offset the exchange rate and some leader costs, making this life-changing mission trip affordable for 12 students.

We are going to Fairbanks to make and grow disciples. The purpose of this trip is to grow others in their relationship with Jesus Christ and to bring the gospel to the kids in the community. We also want to engage in long term friendships with our brothers and sisters at Community Covenant Church. As we work alongside one another bringing hope and light into their community, they can continue to work with these youths long after we are gone; even then, we will continue to pray for the people we met and the lives we impacted. We also intend to see life change in our teens and leaders; how they live personally, and as a community here at Lighthouse, with our unchurched neighbourhood.
~ Matt Clever, Grant Applicant


Faith Covenant Church, Winnipeg, MB  
Pastoral Internship

$6,000 was given to Faith Covenant (the second instalment of a three-year grant) for continuing their pastoral internship program that provides hands on pastoral/vocational ministry experience for seminary students. These interns also get experience in a couple other rural Covenant churches as well as some summer camp involvement.

The biblical inspiration we take for this initiative is that of Biblical mentoring – Jesus trained and mentored the Twelve, Paul does likewise with Timothy, etc. We believe this initiative is a short term catalyst that will provide long term fruit in loving God and neighbour as well as a facilitating a going into all the world to make disciples, teaching them the ways of Jesus and guiding them in way of obedience. We believe healthy pastors and leaders contribute greatly to “Healthy Missional” churches and ministries. Healthy missional ministries are full of people committed to growing up into full maturity – that is Christ.
~ Erik Anderson, Grant Applicant


Fall 2015

Norquay Covenant Church, Norquay, SK
Intern Opportunity

$4,000 was granted to Norquay Covenant for an internship opportunity for Bible school students sensing the call to ministry and even more specifically, rural ministry. Norquay intends to partner with small Bible schools scattered across Canada.

We feel that Norquay Covenant Church offers a healthy example of what rural ministry can be like and an opportunity to someone to grow under the tutelage and mentorship of a seasoned staff.  The intern would be integrated into the entire life of the church, from leadership meetings and participation in the various ministries of the church to living life in and with the rhythms of a small, rural community.
~ Arden Gustafson, Grant Applicant


Gateway Covenant Church, Prince Albert, SK 2015
The Gate

$5,935 was granted to Gateway Covenant to support volunteer training and participant learning for a new outreach ministry called The Gate, a drop-in centre designed particularly for those with HIV and Hepatitis C.

We intend for this space to be a place of welcome and support for those embarking on a healing journey – particularly (but not limited to) those infected with HIV and Hepatitis C – out of addictions, unhealthy relationships and lifestyle choices, towards both physical and spiritual health.
~ Linea Lanoie, Grant Applicant


Holy Community Covenant Church, Winnipeg, MB 

$1,575 was granted to Holy Community for a modular three-month program exploring spiritual surrender.  Participants will meet both in larger and smaller groups and will conclude with a weekend retreat.

The experiential component will involve experimenting with various forms of spiritual dialogue, contemplative practices (e.g. contemplative prayer, Examen, Lectio Divina, etc.), and journaling. The three modules are: 1) Spiritual Formation; 2) Surrender as the Path and Goal of Spiritual Life; 3) Surrender in Stillness and Action
~ Gavin Jensen, Grant Applicant


ECCC Women Ministries
Triennial Scholarships

Up to $3,300 was granted to the ECCC Women Ministries to help provide scholarships for women attending Triennial XV in Kansas City in July 2016.  There will be specific opportunities provided to foster deeper connections for the Canadian women attending both during the conference and afterward.

Triennial is tailor-made for women who desire a closer walk with God.  It is a multi-faceted experience, including a day of advanced learning workshops, innovative exposure to justice issues among women, a number of exceptional key note speakers, and greatly uplifting times of worship. Also available are stimulating seminars, spiritual directors, and prayer rooms. Triennial opens our eyes and hearts to this great body of women we are part of, who seek after Christ, who share in the same faith walk and obstacles we face, and whose stories and teaching inspire us to carry on our own story with courage and dignity, being aware of his presence, and experiencing his joy. I love that women from all over the world join together in this, and that, no matter the differences in culture, language, or trials, our common bond is that we are God’s daughters and he delights in us. I was once more encouraged and amazed at how the Holy Spirit worked in each of us in such specific, tailor-made ways.
~ Trudy McIntosh, Grant Applicant


Evangelical Covenant Church of Canada  (2014-2016)
Block Grant

$20,000/year was granted to the ECCC for 3 years of discipleship initiatives happening in the conference. It has been used for Pastoral Scholarships, Alive, Lenten Readers, Vantage Point Grants, Leadership Summit and the Israel/Palestine Study Tour. From 2017-2020 a $16,000 block grant will be given.

Our operating philosophy has been to invest in event and experience based opportunities that help individuals and congregations form and inform their journey with Christ.
~ Jeff Anderson, Superintendent


Spring 2015

Lake Ridge Community Church, Chestermere, AB
Discipleship Retreats

$2,000 was granted to Lake Ridge Community Church to support two discipleship retreats that will help in the spiritual formation and growth of new believers at Lake Ridge. The grant will help off-set the cost so more people can attend.

It is our desire to be a church that reaches out to the neighbourhood, but also models and demonstrates what a life of ongoing discipleship can look like. We believe that by hosting these retreats, we will set a pattern of intentional discipleship in our community for years to come.
~ Preston Pouteaux, Grant Applicant


Faith Covenant Church, Winnipeg, MB  
Pastoral Internship

A multi-year grant ($8,000, $6,000 and $4,000 to be given over three years) was given to Faith Covenant for continuing their pastoral internship program that provides hands on pastoral/vocational ministry experience for seminary students. These interns also get experience in a couple other rural Covenant churches as well as some summer camp investment.

Our experience with internships leads us to prefer multi-year internship as real experiences come out of real relationships with congregations and placement settings and as such we are requesting a multi-year partnership and investment from Trellis.
~ Erik Anderson, Grant Applicant


Kensington Commons, Calgary, AB 
Journal Project with interns

$2,550 was granted to Kensington Commons for their second year using a discipleship journal. The journal outlines an entire year of teaching and includes artwork, spaces for note taking and program descriptions. It facilitates engagement within the community. This year a team of design interns are being mentored as they help with this project.

Journaling is one of the most effective ways to be intentional about spiritual life and growth. To journal is to live more mindfully, more aware of God’s movements and promptings in our lives. Journaling is the practice of paying attention: listening, sorting, discerning, and remembering.
~ Joel Braun, Grant Applicant


Hope Community, Strathmore, AB 
Journal Project with added discipleship events

$1,600 was granted to Hope Community for their second year using a discipleship journal. The first journal was well received and utilized by the congregation which outlined an entire year of teaching and includes artwork, spaces for note taking and program descriptions. This year they added a series of events which include ‘how to study the bible’ and connect with others in deeper community.

We believe that the introduction of the journal into our life together has increased intentionality and conversation around living a growing and reflected upon life.
~ Glenn Peterson, Grant Applicant


Fall 2014

Erickson Covenant Church, Erickson, BC
Marriage Workshop with Marriage Mentoring follow-up

$2,025 was granted to Erickson Covenant Church for a marriage workshop. 25 couples were able to attend the May 2015 workshop facilitated by FamilyLife Canada. The church is proceeding with a marriage mentoring plan coming out of the workshop.

The Day Together was a success as a catalyst to conversation and forward movement in our marriage relationships. 25 couples participated, and we have received many good responses to the beneficial conversations and desire to increase in intentionality and relationship.
~ Tom Greentree, Grant Applicant


Kensington Commons, Calgary, AB
s Ministry Coordinator

$1,500 was granted to Kensington Commons Church to help with the initial cost of hiring a children’s ministry coordinator. With much bigger start up numbers than anticipated and a large influx of young families, Kensington Commons needed to find new staffing solutions sooner than expected.

We were incredibly blessed in the launch season of our new church. The merger of an existing community into the plant of a new church was fraught with potential pitfalls and yet the experience was not only smooth but filled with grace and peace on all sides. That grace has only extended out into our impact in the neighbourhood as far more people than expected have joined our community. We’re so grateful that the grant we received allowed us to keep pace with how God was moving in our community during that initial season, and it has helped us transition into a new permanent salaried role working with our growing kids programs.
~ Jeremy Duncan, Grant Applicant


Covenant Bay Bible Camp, Pigeon Lake, MB
Ministry Director

$10,000 was granted to Covenant Bay Bible Camp to hire a ministry director who would be on staff year round. This staff person will be able to focus on ministry programming and making and deepening disciples.

Covenant Bay exists to promote a growing relationship with Jesus Christ by providing opportunities for fellowship, worship and instruction in discipleship. It is our intention to expand these efforts and with Gods power, to see even more lives transformed by Him.
~ Jon Drebert, Grant Applicant


Spring 2014

Lighthouse Community Church, Sarnia, ON
Enhancement of Vacation Bible School Program

$1,000 was granted to Lighthouse Community Church to enhance its existing VBS. Summer Palooza is an existing ministry of Lighthouse, however, this grant seeks to take the weeklong event to another level by providing funds which will help feed neighborhood children during the week of VBS.

Our mission with the Discipleship Grant is to reach the families surrounding our building, making the entire neighbourhood a dwelling place for God’s presence. An enhanced and impactful Vacation Bible School Program will add a chapter of fruitful community outreach to our Lighthouse story.
~ Sarah Parker and Ruth Drewitt, Grant Applicants


Faith Covenant Church, Winnipeg, MB
Internship Program

$8,000 was granted to Faith Covenant Church to support its internship program. Faith has a history of training up pastors and this grant allows them to do that with greater impact and over a longer timeframe. Two interns will be trained at Faith over the next year. The interns will also participate in ministering to other ECCC congregations. One has already begun pastoral work at an ECCC church while the local pastor is on leave.

Our proposed initiative is to partner with women and men who have discerned or are in the process of discerning a call to pastoral/vocational ministry. We aim to provide real experience, guidance and ministry/theological reflection in actual ECCC ministry settings and life. We aim to partner with our sister churches from the ECCC and with formal institutions (such as seminaries) that provide theological and ministry formation training to tomorrow’s pastors, teachers, caregivers, and leaders.
~ Erik Anderson, Grant Applicant


Minnedosa Evangelical Covenant Church, Minnedosa, MB
Women in Ministry SoulEscape Event

$500 was granted to the Women in Ministry group of Minnedosa ECC. The funds will be used to help cover the cost of a one day Soul Escape Event. This event will be held in Minnedosa so local women can attend without having to leave town. The purpose of the event is to encourage women to live their lives for God.

Our group focuses on outreach while meeting together to grow spiritually, serve each other, develop relationships and try to impact the world for Christ, whether in our neighbourhood or in the world. We feel that this event will truly help women grow, serve, connect, unite, and impact.
~ Marie Gordon, Grant Applicant


Kensington Commons Church, Calgary, AB & Hope Community Covenant Church, Strathmore, AB
Discipleship Journal

$4,250 was granted to a joint application between Kensington Commons Church and Hope Community Covenant Church for a discipleship journal. The discipleship journal will be used at both churches for a year of teaching. It will include descriptions of each preaching series, artwork, calendar for the church year, and space for journaling and taking notes on sermons.

In addition to helping church participants actively listen to sermon content, seeing a year’s worth of teaching helps them to understand the intentionality of the church, the breadth of scriptural content we intend to cover, and allows them to prepare their hearts and questions for upcoming sermons.
~ Jeremy Duncan, Grant Applicant


Sanctuary Covenant Church, Edmonton, AB
Community Outreach

$5,000 was granted to Sanctuary Covenant Church to assist their summer outreach programs. These programs include a variety of community outreach events and classes. A full time community outreach worker facilitates the program. Trellis is assisting in covering wages as well as supplies for events and classes.

Our hope is that this intensive season of outreach development will translate into ongoing outreach relationships for many in our congregation, in areas of their own personal interests and abilities. In addition to the discipling of our congregation in this key aspect of Sanctuary’s mission statement, we will also be forging meaningful and lasting collaborations with local community development agencies.
~ Philip Wright, Grant Applicant


Faith Covenant Church, Breton, AB
Youth Intern

$7,000 was granted to Faith Covenant Church to hire a youth intern. This intern worked with the youth at Faith Covenant in discipleship but also received mentoring and training herself.

In the few months we have had an intern, we have seen a great amount of missional momentum surrounding our churchs discipleship and specifically youth ministry. Based on some of her previous training, Maddison brought some really fresh ideas to a youth ministry that had grown rather “stale” in routine programs and people.
~ Marc Lantz, Grant Applicant


Covenant Heights Bible Camp, Clear Lake, MB
High School Leadership Development

$7,200 was granted to Covenant Heights Bible Camp for a high school leadership development program called The Branch. The goal was to build relationships with the youth as they transition into cabin leaders and young leaders in their communities and to create a space for them to ask questions, share life, and grow together.

Through this initiative our aim is to take a group of young leaders and work alongside of them throughout the year in a way that will help them to ‘Remain in Christ and connected to camp. It is also our aim to help them grow and develop into prepared and capable camp leaders for the next camping season.
~ Matt Hardy, Grant Applicant

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