Trellis Foundation welcomes applications for discipleship grants

Our application deadline is November 1st of each year. We have found that grant applications sometimes miss an important component. In order to help applicants put the best grant proposal forward we will offer feedback with the opportunity for a revised grant application to be submitted by November 15.

Our financial year begins June 1 of each year. If funds remain available after the fall granting cycle, a second cycle will be held in the spring with a deadline of March 1 of that year. Sign up to be on our email list or like us on Facebook to be updated on funds available for that potential second granting cycle.

If there are enough successful applications in the November cycle such that all the funds available for the current financial year are disbursed, then grants will not be available for a spring cycle.

Some tips on submitting your best grant application:

Grant writing is a challenging process. We have streamlined it by asking specific questions in our grant application. We encourage you to answer all the questions as thoroughly as possible. Think about what it is like to read your grant for the first time, as best you can try to anticipate and answer questions that might come up. Be as clear as possible about what you are planning and how you will accomplish your goals.

Make sure to have someone edit your application. While Trellis Foundation does not seek perfection in grammar and spelling, we do believe that a well written grant reflects on the effort and care put into the application and therefore the effort and care that will be put into the initiative.

Successful grants show that the organization is putting in its own resources as well as requesting funds from Trellis. These resources should be reflected in the application, especially in the budget. If your resources are not financial, make sure to state in the application the volunteer hours that will be put towards making your initiative a reality. If someone from your organization is providing something for the initiative free of charge, account for this by estimating equivalent value. (Ex. Room and board)

One of our priorities is for innovative discipleship. This does not mean you need to do something that has never been done before, by anyone, anywhere, ever. It means you are adding something to the ministry in your context. If you have never had an intern at your church, it would be innovative to have an intern. If you have had interns before, you will need to add something or demonstrate how funds from Trellis will take what you can offer your intern to the next level. See more helpful tips here…

Please read the details of how to apply and download the application: Go to our Apply page.

If you have questions or would like to discuss your idea with someone from Trellis Foundation, please contact us at office(at)

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