Discipleship Grant Application

Apply for a Discipleship Grant by Nov. 1 2024. Here’s how:

  1. Download the Discipleship Grant Application PDF by clicking the button at right and read it carefully.
  2. Read our purpose and core values, our funding criteria, and our helpful tips for your proposal, along with this example of a successful application.
  3. Refine your plans and budget for your proposed initiative.
  4. Complete the Application PDF (its fillable fields can be completed on a computer with Adobe Acrobat Reader). Make sure to edit for grammar and spelling. This is important as grants are highly competitive. Your proposal should demonstrate that you have made an effort to put the best application forward. There will be an opportunity to receive feedback on your application (see below).
    • If your version of Acrobat Reader will not allow you to save the PDF once the form fields are completed, here’s a work-around: click on File, then Print, and then click the print dialog/print destination/or print options box and select Adobe PDF (instead of a physical printer) or Save as PDF as the destination. Rename the file when prompted. (This will also work if you’ve accidentally filled in the form in your internet browser window.)
  5. Answer the questions for your proposed initiative in a separate document using word processing software.
  6. Get feedback on your proposal from those who will be involved and from your church’s/organization’s leadership.
  7. When you are finished your proposal, have your church/organization chairperson and pastor/director review the document and sign the 2nd page of the Application PDF.
  8. Check that everything is completed, scan the signed 2nd page, then email the Application PDF and your proposal document (including your budget) to:
    We prefer emailed submissions. You may also send your application by mail to Trellis Foundation, 245 Brent Blvd, Strathmore, AB T1P 1W4.

Application Deadlines

Our application deadline is Nov. 1 and May 1. We want to help you articulate your proposal clearly and plan it intentionally. This helps your initiative to be fruitful in your community and facilitates our board’s granting decisions. We will offer feedback in the week after the deadline, in case your application needs clarification. You’ll have an opportunity to submit a revised grant application in the following week. We’re eager to offer coaching and feedback along the way at any stage of the process, too!

Our fiscal year begins June 1 of each year. If funds remain available after the fall granting cycle, a second granting cycle will be held in the spring of that fiscal year. Sign up to be on our email list or like us on Facebook to be updated on funds available for that potential second granting cycle.

If there are enough successful applications in the fall cycle such that all the funds available for the current financial year are disbursed, then grants will not be available for a spring cycle. The granting disbursement will be 3.5% per year (the disbursement amount required by the CRA) as the funds are to be kept in perpetuity.