Funding Criteria

Trellis Foundation’s Granting Policy is as follows:

❖ Grants will be distributed to Canadian Covenant charitable organizations (i.e., the ECCC, its member churches, camps and other future affiliated ministries). Canadian law for public foundations mandates that grants may only be distributed to registered Canadian charitable organizations.

‣ Please note that Trellis Foundation funds the CBC Legacy Scholarship program for students pursuing discipleship education, which is administered through the ECCC. To apply, click here to visit the CBC Legacy Scholarship page on

❖ Successful grant applications will communicate:

‣ an intentional desire to cultivate disciples;
‣ a specific purpose and specific time period;
‣ a purpose that is biblically based with a clear goal in mind;
‣ evidence of church community support.

❖ Preference will be given to applicants who:

‣ demonstrate innovative approaches and techniques for the growth and development of disciples of Jesus Christ;
‣ promote volunteer participation and community investment.

❖ The board has discretion for setting up a disbursement schedule for larger grants.

Please note that Trellis Foundation will not be granting towards loans, construction projects, capital costs, nor existing operational budgets. The disbursement will be 3.5% per year (the disbursement amount required by the CRA) as the funds are to be kept in perpetuity.

The criteria for grants flows from our core values:

❖ Biblical Impact

‣ What is God doing in your community and how will this initiative make a Kingdom impact?
‣ What biblical story or principle inspires your plan?

❖ Intentional Planning

‣ What are the people, leadership, time and capacity resources available to make this plan work? Is everyone on board?
‣ What is the financial, space and prayer investment already being made?

❖ Innovative Ministry

‣ What need or growing edge does this initiative address?
‣ How is this different from what you have done in the past?

Trellis Foundation grant decision-making rubric (2015)

Value Weight Description Choose:
1: below average
2: average
3: above average
Values and
1 Does the application answer our questions clearly?
Catalytic Impact 3 How strategic is this proposal in terms of discipleship impact?
Biblical 3 Does this continue the story and witness of Scripture?
Intentional 3 Is the plan thorough and well thought out? Is there capacity?
Innovative 3 Is this something new for this organization? Will this open up fresh doors for God’s Spirit to work?
Organizational Investment 2 Are people invested with time, money, skills, or prayer?
Other Factors 1 What else stands out to you?
Total: __/48

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