Zoe’s Greenhouse, Encounter’s Retreats & Headwaters Discipleship

Zoe Toronto Ministries, Toronto, ON – Greenhouse

This summer program in downtown Toronto (pictured above) focuses on intentionally communing with God and one another while training to live as agents of redemption in a hurting world.

“Through Greenhouse, we aim to raise young people in Toronto to spiritual maturity. We equip them for disciple-making and mission by exposing them to diverse gifts & ministries, teaching and practicing spiritual practices together, and serving the diverse communities in downtown Toronto. Through this program, we directly step into the way of Jesus who made disciples of the twelve by walking intentionally with them in ministry experiences and releasing them into leadership (Sunday team days), debriefing and teaching about their experiences (Wednesday Night Main Sessions), modelling what it means to commune with God (Spiritual Discipline Commitments), and sending them into the world to make disciples.” -Liam MacKichan, Zoe Toronto

The theme of the summer was ‘Only Jesus’. A variety of speakers taught on topics like:

  • Journey of Generosity
  • Intentional Living
  • Communing with God
  • Transforming my Workplace
  • Suffering Well
  • Biblical Justice and Reconciliation
  • Seeking First the Kingdom

Here’s what a few of the young adults had to say reflecting on their summer of Greenhouse:

“During the actual moments of the Greenhouse program, while facing my own pains and anxieties, I experienced compassion and tenderness in a real likeness of Jesus from dear brothers and sisters. True to its name, Greenhouse was an incubator for growth. We have grown in our love for Christ and our understanding of how deeply we need him. I have been so blessed by my live experiences of receiving love and renewal for my own soul from the Lord and all His people who belong to Him.”

~ MM

“Greenhouse opened my mind and eyes to recognize the old pattern of thinking in my life, heart,work, and relationships and to put on a renewed mind in Christ that encouraged healing and true Christ-likeness in my everyday. These biblically rooted teachings from Greenhouse I’ll be taking, applying in all areas, and cultivating for the rest of my life!”

~ MW

“Greenhouse was a space where idols were smashed and love abounded. It showed me a whole new level of discipleship and brought me back into complete surrender to God.”

~ SD

Zoe Toronto is a ministry network of microchurches and mission agency and part of the ECCC, learn more at: https://www.zoetoronto.com


Encounter Covenant Church, Mississauga, ON – Alpha Overnight Retreat and Encountering God Retreat.

Students gather for worship, 2023

“This initiative understands that discipleship is a life-long process and dependent on the Holy Spirit. Along our discipleship journey, people are in different seasons of faith. Our process recognizes three major stages of that journey. The Alpha overnight will provide an essential environment in which people can ask for and encounter the Holy Spirit. I find this encounter with the Holy Spirit an essential part of one’s discipleship process as it provides a mystical and tangible encounter with the Living God.

“The Encountering God Retreat will be hosted and led by those who are currently going through the discipleship journey. In this setting, they will prayerfully discern who God may be calling to join the next round of Alpha, Reconnect, or Encounter God discipleship. The goal in this environment is for our disciples to engage with their wider church community and allow their service to them to be an expression of their love for God and share that love by taking the call to make disciples seriously.” ~ Edward Lee, Encounter Covenant Church



Pictured above: Some of the students from Headwaters Discipleship 2023.

Headwaters Discipleship, Kootenay Lake, BC

The Harbour At Riondel and Wild Goose Collective held their second immersive, 8-week school for the heart with young adults in May-June. Pray for their students and staff as they enter new rhythms this fall.

“One of the main things we teach throughout Headwaters is for our students to pay attention to the contents of their hearts. For we believe that all we do, say, and think flows from what is in our hearts. [Proverbs 4:23] Healthy beliefs about God and ourselves begins in our hearts- and if we tend to this, the outflow of our lives will be forever transformed.” ~ Wild Goose Collective

Applications for next year’s unique discipleship experience rooted in community, creativity, and God’s creation will be available Dec. 8, 2023 at: https://www.headwatersdiscipleship.net

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